Dinah Juergens

I am 27
I live in Seattle WA

Education: BA with concentration in Art/Literature
           New College of Florida, 2011

Solo Exhibitions:
   2016 Housewarming Live Auction, Seattle WA
   2016 Dead Bird December, Schilling Cider House, Seattle WA
   2011 Facebook Sluts, Isermann Gallery, Sarasota, FL
Group Exhibitions:
   2014 Art on Tap, Tucson Museum of Art, Tucson AZ
        That house show with Jim's girlfriend, Tucson AZ
   2013 Dressing Down the Muse, Womankraft Gallery, Tucson AZ 
        Tasteful Kitchen, Tucson AZ
        Solar Culture, Tucson AZ 
   2011 Senior Thesis Students Group show, Sarasota FL 
        STUDENT ART SHOW, The Crease, Sarasota FL
   2010 Juried Student Show, Isermann Gallery, Sarasota FL

Other things:
   2016 January Residency, Seattle Center for Ceramics and Luminosity
   2012-2014 Work Study Studio Assistant, Tucson Clay Co-op